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  Hiroko Kobayashi - Ecotourism


After working as a journalist and presenter of the Japanese Radio Station, Bunka Hoso Pty. Ltd., Hiroko Kobayashi moved to Brisbane, QLD Australia in 1986.

Since 1989, she has been engaged in a project to build Kingfisher Bay Resort & Village (KBRV); the first Eco resort of its scale on Fraser Island which is now listed as World Heritage. She has done this in the role of new Project Development Manager, and later she became a Director of the company Corporate Queensland Pty. Ltd. The Resort opened in 1992, and has been awarded on a number of occasions for both its ecotourism and sustainable development.

Hiroko started Promark Japan, her own Ecotourism marketing business, in 1993. She is working as an Ecotourism Marketing Consultant to promote Australian products to the Japanese, and vice versa. Specifically, within this field, she focuses on Product Development, Ecotourism Marketing and Training Programs for human resources.

Her most recent efforts include inbound tours to attract foreign visitors to Japanese ecotourism destinations. Since 2006, she has designed and been running Japanese ecotour programs every year, in conjunction with local Japanese communities for Australians. These tours offer Australians the opportunity to enjoy a genuine Japanese experience in the countryside known as SATOYAMA, in which people live close contact with nature. In addition to this, for the past few years, Hiroko has been running conservation volunteer programs in the Japanese countryside with Conservation Volunteer Australia. This unique program has been successful in creating community bonding and working holiday experience to the participants from both Japan and Australia.

She has been involved in developing Ecotourism in Japan as one of founding members of the Japan Ecotourism Society since 1996, sharing her experience and knowledge of Australia.

Currently, she is a Director of Japan Ecotourism Society, and also participates in Government discussion groups as a Council Member for both the Ministry of Environment and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

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