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  Tony’s understanding and thorough knowledge of government, private sector, not for profit sector and inter-governmental organisations provides him with unique skills in developing conference programs.  
  With an extensive network of contacts at the most senior levels of government and industry, both within Australia and internationally, Tony Charters can provide linkages for clients across many dimensions.  
  Global Eco Asia-Pacific Tourism Conference 2016

Ecotourism Australia has contracted Tony Charters and Associates to stage the organisation's 25th annual conference, the Global Eco Asia-Pacific Tourism Conference, from 21 - 23 November 2016 in Hobart, Tasmania.

Global Eco brings together leading players from across the globe to examine best practice across sustainability, ecotourism and climate change response. Critical new research, policy and best practice case studies feature at Global Eco.

The conference aims to bring together sectors that have a direct and indirect role in delivering sustainable tourism and ecotourism and thus provides delegates with an excellent opportunity to examine and debate emerging issues and opportunities, review current best practices and collectively take a forward perspective on the industry.

For more information please email info@tonycharters.com.

  SEGRA 2016

Australia’s premier national conference on issues affecting regional Australia will be staged from 26 - 28 October 2016 in Albany, Western Australia. The Conference will address:

• Regional policy Speaking up for Regional Australia
• Diversity, specialisation and creativity building resilience
• Sustainability of land, water and community a sense of place
• Regional hubs and nodes improving connectivity
• Regions as providers of education, health and lifestyle services
• Attracting investment to regions finding funding partners
• Sustainable industries the regional advantage
• Maximising Free Trade Agreements ensuring your region is ready
• Tourism in regional Australia
• Aviation and regional economies
• Innovation, technology and entrepreneurship in regional Australia

For more information, please email info@segra.com.au

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