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Community-Based Tourism (CBT)

Community based tourism from Responsible Travel perspective.

What are the opportunities for CBT from Europe.

The social, political and economic benefits the locals receive through CBT.

CBT from a local’s point of view: A case study of Thailand’s Amphawa Floating Market.'s_Amphawa_Floating_Market

Kikil, Yucatan, Mexico’s contribution to CBT case study.

Service design for community based tourism – The Brazilian case study. This article aims to demonstrate how low-income community and underdeveloped north-eastern Brazil are organized independently to provide products and services of Community Based Tourism.

Hanoi taps community-based tourism potential, however the model struggles due to the lack of investment.

Red Rocks awarded for CBT 2018.

Bec, A., McLennan, C. L., & Moyle, B. D. (2016). Community resilience to long-term tourism decline and rejuvenation: A literature review and conceptual model. Current issues in tourism.

Lew, A. A. (2014). Scale, change and resilience in community tourism planning. Tourism Geographies

Fire Prevention Measures

Wildfire safety tips by National Geographic

Safety guide for small tourism businesses

Tourist Safety & security: Practical measures for destinations

Guidance for Fire Safety in Tourist Accommodation

Legal requirements for tourism businesses

Fire prevention tips for the holiday season.

Deadly Christmas Trees: Fire Safety Tips For The Holidays

Chico opens its arms to Camp Fire survivors. But there are limits

How Big a Problem Are the Growing Worker Strikes for Marriott?

Include fire preventive measures in duty list, committees told

Sustainable Design Guides
Urban Tourism

Planning needed to address increased tourism flows to Europe

Some cities near breaking point from city breaks

The Role of Urban tourism to achieve Urban sustainable development

Integrated city as a model for a new wave urban tourism

Rwanda on course to have fully operational secondary cities

Secondary provinces gain traction: Expedia

Wise, N. (2016). Outlining triple bottom line contexts in urban tourism regeneration.

Novy, J. (2018). ‘Destination’ Berlin revisited. From (new) tourism towards a pentagon of mobility and place consumption.

COLOMB, C., & NOVY, J. (2016). Urban tourism and its discontents: an introduction. In protest and resistance in the tourist city.

Aydin, B., & Emeksiz, M. (2018). Sustainable urban tourism success factors and the economic performance of small tourism enterprises. Asia Pacific journal of tourism research

Conservation Practices & Rural Development

Trail building and nature conservation for cyclists: European perspectives. – Patrick Jansen

The role of honey exhibition on rural development: Case of Istrian region in Croatia.

Overview of Rural Tourism in Croatia.

Local communities and tourism development from a professor Surang Silva of University of Colombo, Sri Lanka’s perspective.

Tourism Conservation: Sustainable model strategies. George Washington University 2011

Tourists' support for conservation messages & sustainable management practices in wildlife tourism experiences

Natural resource conservation practices by National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition

Bengal farmers in India practice conservation

WWF to work on grasslands conservation

Several Florida species no longer warrant listing by FWC.

Green destinations

Sustainable Destinations Top 100 as of 2017.

Top 100 Destination Awards by Green Destinations ITB 2018

‘Conscious’ Travel Emerging as Yet Another Hot Luxury Trend


Coping with Success: Managing overcrowding in tourism destinations. Its challenges, best practices and solutions.

Tourism’s “Invisible Burden”: Major new report

Overtourism: too much of a good thing

Loving the World to Death: The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Overtourism

Can the world be saved from overtourism?

Milano, C., Cheer, J.M. & Novelli, M. (2018). Overtourism is becoming a major issue for cities across the globe. World Economic Forum, 20 July, 2018

Indians visiting Taj Mahal could be capped at 40,000 a day

Tour Operators Push Off-Season Deals to Counter Overtourism

What can cities do about over-tourism?

These are this year's most 'undertouristed' places

Sustainable Tourism

1st regional meeting for tourism by 13 Greek regional authorities.

Is the luxury travel industry on the rise?

Presents a concise overview of international tourism in the world based on the results for the year 2018.

The Future Earth 2025 Vision sets out an ambitious, holistic framework for research and capacity mobilisation.

The three year journey for sustainable tourism in Marrakech, Morocco.

UNWTO Guidebook: Sustainable tourism development.

The Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) establishes and manages global sustainable standards with the aim of increasing sustainable tourism knowledge and practices among public and private stakeholders.

What’s hot in travel for 2019: World Travel Market (WTM).

Butler, R. W. (1980). The concept of a tourist area cycle of evolution: implications for management of resources.

Saarinen, J. (2006). Traditions of sustainability in tourism studies. Annals of tourism research

Waste Management & Sewage Treatment

Manual on recycling and waste management by University of California, Davis.

Turning waste into green, Manteca Bulletin.

Use of methane in waste-water treatment plants.

Meanwhile in Ottawa, greenhouse gas emissions at the landfill are down while the at the sewage plant, they’re up.

Global Wastewater Treatment Plants Market 2018 Business Scenario – Caterpillar, Shengli Oilfield Ruite Machinery, Generac

E-Waste management a major health hazard

‘Lafarge Africa is Only Company in Nigeria to Burn Biomass as Alternative Fuel on a Large Scale’

Garbage dumps leading to shift in food habits of wild animals

Fluence awarded its first waste-to-energy harvesting project in Argentina

A comprehensive article on the sludge tratement process

Culture & Events Tourism

A new generation of independent Chinese travellers flood Tasmania's unspoiled open spaces

The role and importance of cultural tourism in modern tourism industry: Janos Csapo

Baltic cultural tourism policy paper by UNESCO

New Rutherford Arts Alliance aims to connect and grow the county's cultural scene

Ancient Turkish cities await holidaymakers with the new Silk Road in line

Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan to launch Silk visa in February

Cultural community-based tourism in Tanzania: Lessons learned and way forward

Examining Authenticity of Traditional Turkish Houses in Bursa, A UNESCO Heritage Site

Changes in emotions and their interactions with personality in a vacation context

When Middle East meets West: Understanding the motives and perceptions of young tourists from United Arab Emirates


Is eco-tourism really ecofriendly?

Green Washing in Sustainable tourism & responsible tourism

Greenwashing Tourism: How To Tell A Sustainable Ecotourism Business From An Unethical One

How green are ecotourism sites?

Buzzwords for 2019: Low impact, high purpose

What is ‘green travel,’ anyway? A beginner’s guide to eco-friendly vacation planning

Prague: The Next Best Up-And-Coming Sustainable Business Destination

How the travel industry ‘greenwashes’ its eco credentials

Volunteer tourism, greenwashing and understanding responsible marketing using market signalling theory

Greenwash: Corporate Environmental Disclosure under Threat of Audit by University of Michigan

Regional Tourism

Culinary tourism helps Arizona’s food & wine industry.

Local tourism course organised by ASEAN in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Rural immersion for tourists through the ‘Nepal Hike Village’ project.

Rural Tourism, new alternative travel in Yucatán

China to incentivize consumption of products from poor areas

Clampdown on Airbnb sparks rural tourism fears

Rural Tourism Issues And Challenges: A Case From Kamarpukur, India

Sidali, K. L., Kastenholz, E., & Bianchi, R. (2015). Food tourism, niche markets and products in rural tourism: Combining the intimacy model and the experience economy as a rural development strategy.

Liang, J., & Chan, C. S. (2018). Local cultural vicissitudes in regional tourism development: A case of Zhuhai.

Cheer, J.M. (2017). Resilience in the visitor economy: cultural economy, human social networks, and slow change in the regional periphery. In Tourism, Resilience and Sustainability: Adapting to Social, Political and Economic Change.

Tourism Accessibility

European Greenways Association (EGWA, 1998) conference in Basel, Switzerland 2014: Accessible Tourism.ón_Basel_EGWA.pdf

What is "Accessible Tourism"?

Promoting accessible tourism for all

Accessible Tourism and its Importance in the Sustainable Tourism Discussion

Tourism Accessibility for Disabled Travellers: An Optimistic Concept on Tourism Industry in Bangladesh.

Kerala govt all set to make tourism accessible to all.

Accessible tourism in Australia and Queensland Factsheet

National tourism policy 2020-2050 draft includes accessible tourism

Challenges to attaining “Accessible Tourism for All” in German destinations as part of a CSR-oriented approach

Accessible Sports Tourism: The Challenges in Travel Planning for Disabled Athletes by Suursalmi Joanna

Wildlife Tourism

Wildlife Tourism: Impacts, management & planning.

Tourist wildlife interactions: Policies.

Conserving wildlife through responsible tourism: an interview with Dr. Michael Hutchins by National Geographic.

The role of wildlife tourism in conservation in Norway.

Growing wildlife-based tourism sustainability: A new report by World Bank and Q&A.

Kenya’s new vision on tourism and wildlife conservation unveiled.

Kenya’s Ministry of tourism and wildlife. Press release: Kenya’s position of legalizing sale of rhino horn.

ABTA Animal Welfare Practices: Unacceptable and discouraged practices

Intersection of Technology & Wildlife Conservation

Amazon's giant South American Turtle could survive with the help of community-based conservation efforts

Digital Economy of Tourism

Change of perceptions for international Chinese tourists through a cultural app.

Responsible tourism and the market in 2019.

Digital economy and tourism impacts, influences and challenges

How digitalisation is revolutionising the travel industry

The Digital Future of the Tourism & Hospitality Industry. The Boston Hospitality Review

Alibaba conducts workshop for Rwandan government officials on enabling a digital economy

How Tourism New Zealand used WeChat to drive China’s high-spending travellers to middle earth

How Scottish Businesses Actively Promote The Value Of Outdoor Capital For Economic Growth

The Big Read: Sharing economy — the next big thing that never was?

Rise of the Sharing Economy and the Future of Travel and Tourism Industry. Journal of Hotel & Business Management

Energy Efficient Technology

The biggest energy facing challenges by humanity

The H2020 NextGenRoadFuels Project: Ready for the Next Generation of Sustaianable Road Transport Fuels

What Are the Effects of Overusing Energy?

Outlook For 2019: Challenges, Opportunities And Renewable Energy

Natural refrigerant replacements could reduce energy costs and conserve the environment

Seven energy saving technologies to lower your home's carbon footprint

Emerging Energy-Efficient Technologies in Buildings: Technology Characterizations for Energy Modeling

Alternatives to air conditioners for an energy efficient future.

Air conditioner without refrigerant: This Filipina, 19, could revolutionise your AC

Tourism & Sustainable Energy: Powering Sustainable Development

Resilience Tourism

Resilience of tourism development

Resilience, Sustainability, and Inclusive Growth for Tourism in the Caribbean

Proexca continues to bolster the Canary Islands’ thriving business milieu

UNWTO chief: Growth of African Tourism as industry remains resilient

Jamaica Global Resilience Centre offers assistance following devastating Indonesia tsunami

Lacey, G., Weiler, B., & Peel, V. (2018). Sustainability or resilience? Poverty-related Tourism, Resilience and Sustainability: Adapting to Social, Political and Economic Change philanthropic tourism as an agent for deliberate slow change. In Tourism, Resilience and Sustainability: Adapting to Social, Political and Economic Change.

Cheer, J., & Lew, A. A. (2018). Understanding tourism resilience: Adapting to social, political, and economic change. In Tourism, Resilience and Sustainability: Adapting to Social, Political and Economic Change

Nyaupane, G. P., Lew, A. A., & Tatsugawa, K. (2014). Perceptions of trekking tourism and social and environmental change in Nepal's Himalayas. Tourism Geographies.

Cheer, A. A. L. J. M. (2018). Environmental change, resilience and tourism. In Lew, A.A. & Cheer, J.M. (Eds.). Tourism resilience and adaptation to environmental change. Definitions and frmeworks

Butler, R. W. (2017). Tourism and Resiliene.

Tourism and Climate Change (Reef tourism)

Muck-spreading/liquid manure spreading could be banned to reduce air pollution

A Review of “Tourism and climate change: risks and opportunities”


Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation in the Tourism Sector: Frameworks, Tools & Practicies

The resilience of coral reef tourism to climate change and crises

Great Barrier Reef Tourism Climate Change Action Strategy

Fiji turning to coral gardening to save its lucrative South Pacific reefs from bleaching

Artificial reefs may be wave of the future

Beijing to restore coral reefs ‘damaged by island building’ in South China Sea

The Paris Climate Agreement

Women in Tourism

Women and tourism: Designing for inclusion. The current status of gender equality and equity.

Women in tourism 2018 conference and agenda

Women and tourism: Designing for inclusion by Worldbank.

Gender dimensions in tourism work with a focus on the women’s role in tourism.

Stroma Cole explains how water and tourism relate to gender equality.

35 Women trek, climb and swim to promote domestic tourism in Muscat.

The hunt for pink dollars

All-Women Travel Expeditions Take Off In Middle East

Thousands of women hold hands in South India to form a women’s wall in a symbolic effort to trigger renaissance values, ensure gender equality and promote rational thinking.

Why Rwanda is Africa’s new luxury destination to watch


Contemporary trends in tourism and hospitality, 2017 by University of Novi Sad, Serbia. Documents case-studies on new spaces in cultural tourism, gastronomy, culinary education, marine sustainability, dental tourism, sports tourism and many more.

Uttarakhand, India tourism policy draft: 2018.

Making tourism more sustainable: A guide for policy makers

DTE energy cutting methane emissions by 80 percent.

Mergui Archipelago’s Nascent Eco-Tourism industry.

Sustainable travel: Ecotourism in Barcelona. Responsible tourism efforts and animal rights issues identified in the region.

Eco-tourism development threatens Singapore's wildlife

What is Eco-tourism?

Williams, P. W., & Ponsford, I. F. (2009). Confronting tourism's environmental paradox: Transitioning for sustainable tourism.

Heritage Interpretation

Tourism and cultural heritage management, Hong Kong

Cultural heritage valorization projects to be funded in Tivat.

Archaeologist Suggests Role Of Heritage Resources In Creating Opportunities For Socio-economic

The Importance of Interpretatıon Role of Tour Guıdes in Geotourısm: Can We Called Them as Geotour Guıdes?

The role of tourist guides in interpretation: a survey of secondary school teachers at Maropeng and the Sterkfontein caves, South Africa

Ideas for interpreting heritage sites

What is Heritage interpretation?

Sign language interpretation videos to become available at historic Conwy sites

The winners of the 2018 Heritage Angel Awards – a programme established in 2011 and supported by the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation

Professional Tourist Guiding: The Importance of Interpretation for tourist experiences by Abdelkader Ababneh.

Solar Panels & Efficiency
Tourism Policies & Governance

Global development podcast: What role can tourism play in development?

Using rural development funds in cycling projects: Cycling without borders.

Reducing cost and promoting innovations to improve farmer incomes sustainably

Hotels' environmental policies and employee personal environmental beliefs: Interactions and outcomes

Lebanon's Economy to Face a Turbulent 2019

Sub-Saharan Africa: Lessons We Take into 2019

Caribbean Tourism Org to publish disaster risk management guide

Turkey comeback, Brexit may impact Greek tourism in 2019.

Hall, C. M. (2011). Policy learning and policy failure in sustainable tourism governance: From first-and second-order to third-order change? Journal of Sustainable Tourism

Kubickova, M., & Li, H. (2017). Tourism competitiveness, government and tourism area life cycle (TALC) model: the evaluation of Costa Rica, Guatemala and Honduras. International Journal of tourism research